Untitled-1Members of the Ajoor family have seen Bahrain grow from a small market country that consisted and revolved around mostly Bab Al- Bahrain Tijjar Road and Sheikh Abdullah Road to the large sprawling cosmopolitan country that we know it to be today.

Abdul Rahman & Ebrahim Mohammed Ajoor & Co WLL was established in 1932 as an importer and exporter of all kinds of textiles and having been established for over seven decades and enjoys an excellent reputation in both local and international markets especially Europe & Asia. Ever since then, we have been expanding our product line and we have been considered as one of the best and largest importers of textiles fabrics in Bahrain.

Old Ajoor Shop at Al Tijjar Road in Manama- 1945

We mainly specialize in uniform materials, Mens & Womens uniform wear and deal in all kinds of uniform fabrics, hotel linens & hospital linens to all leading companies and to Government organizations including Ministries ,Military ,Police ,Hospitals and also to all the leading Hotels.